D'esprit Luvrs





1. Raindrops (Prelude) 01:34

2. Crystalline Heart 04:12

3. IWantTo 02:22

4. Keepsake 03:06

5. Lullabebe 03:49

6. Marion 02:48

7. Infinity Kiss 03:18

8. Luvrs Disc Ours 02:57

9. Always / Never 02:44

From Crystal Magic Records:

"D'Esprit Luvrs is the debut album from New Zealand's lovelorn synth-siren Lttle Phnx (AKA Dancer/Singer/Synthesist: Lucy Beeler of Auckland City). A hypnotic nine tracks of heavy heart-throb beats, conflicted bass-dirge, and ethereal lamentation. Haunted-pop that has grown through teenage flirtations with the occult and black nail polish to deliver a luminous deep-blue-vs-black alternate-gothic-pop. D'Esprit Luvrs is an evocation of the Old Gods of Synth-Pop via Disintegration, an ode to the maturity of knowing you are happiest in Robert-Smithian outside-looking-in longing.

Lttle Phnx creates with D'Esprit Luvrs a sonic world for two, a dimly-lit intimacy where glistening synths descend down on the listener like metallic confetti, hi-hats bristle like the hair on excited cold arms, basslines strobe and keyboards quake like nervous limbs. Beeler’s vocals float through these grey-cloud-ballads like a spectre, each song pulling you into the fog of infatuation, as drums echo through your ribcage and full-velocity synths threaten to drag you beneath the (pulse-)waves.

D'Esprit Luvrs is a triumphant debut album, self-assured and as devastatingly powerful as it is eery and disarming. Lttle Phnx wields nostalgia like a craft-knife scoring lovers' names in the casing of a Macbook, forever immortalised in plastic. D'Esprit Luvrs is the brutal confession of love, synth-pop manifest of luvrs angst. Melancholic-pop for the desperate-romantic, dance music for the introspective love-lost-&-stoned, a curious post-it note stuck to your lcd reminding you that your heart still Beats."


released 16 April 2013

All tracks by Lttle Phnx

Lucy Beeler



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