by Lttle Phnx


1 Pyrexia 03:38

2. Koromiko 04:14

3. Ethiopian Opal 02:48

4. Hime (Space Angel) 03:24

“Pyrexia” is the latest EP from New Zealand’s most haunted-romantic: LTTLE PHNX, following on from her LUV-lorn 2013 debut: “Luvrs D’Esprit”. Contained within is a small collection of sublime-pop, to achingly steal you away from your mundane-chores and healthy-cynicism. Let LTTLE PHNX lead you through reverb-wet crystal-encrusted caves of longing, as funky-alien arpeggios illuminate a space the size of a human-heart. Four intimate moments where time refracts off of the precious walls, as synth-strings swell and percussion begs you downward to the digital-depths of wanting, longing, eventual succumbing.

Lttle Phnx is the creative outlet of Wellington-based synth-siren: Lucy Beeler (producer, dancer and fantasist). Her penchant for black-eyeliner romantic-optimism creates resonant synth-pop that reminds us the devastating power of a Great Crush. As silkily sad as her songs are triumphant, Beeler summons both demons and dreamers and dares us to dance with.

Come burn your love-letters for fuel and warmth against our cold/wet interiors and let LTTLE PHNX coax out your daring, igniting your hopes and come haunt the extremes of our digital-domains. Let the fever break, come with us through PYREXIA.

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released September 8, 2014

All songs by
Lttle Phnx

Sleeve Artwork by
Sorawit Songsataya

Album Mixed by
Ryan Bennett & Fraser Austin

Mastering by
Fraser Austin



LTTLE PHNX Wellington, New Zealand

Lttle Phnx is Lucy Beeler, synth-siren and dancer. Her music is lo-fi high-string dream pop and love-laced melodies stirred with sonic heartbeats. A residual murmur that leaves you lying softly in her lap(top).

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