D'esprit Luvrs





1. Raindrops (Prelude) 01:34

2. Crystalline Heart 04:12

3. IWantTo 02:22

4. Keepsake 03:06

5. Lullabebe 03:49

6. Marion 02:48

7. Infinity Kiss 03:18

8. Luvrs Disc Ours 02:57

9. Always / Never 02:44

From Crystal Magic Records:

"D'Esprit Luvrs is the debut album from New Zealand's lovelorn synth-siren Lttle Phnx (AKA Dancer/Singer/Synthesist: Lucy Beeler of Auckland City). A hypnotic nine tracks of heavy heart-throb beats, conflicted bass-dirge, and ethereal lamentation. Haunted-pop that has grown through teenage flirtations with the occult and black nail polish to deliver a luminous deep-blue-vs-black alternate-gothic-pop. D'Esprit Luvrs is an evocation of the Old Gods of Synth-Pop via Disintegration, an ode to the maturity of knowing you are happiest in Robert-Smithian outside-looking-in longing.

Lttle Phnx creates with D'Esprit Luvrs a sonic world for two, a dimly-lit intimacy where glistening synths descend down on the listener like metallic confetti, hi-hats bristle like the hair on excited cold arms, basslines strobe and keyboards quake like nervous limbs. Beeler’s vocals float through these grey-cloud-ballads like a spectre, each song pulling you into the fog of infatuation, as drums echo through your ribcage and full-velocity synths threaten to drag you beneath the (pulse-)waves.

D'Esprit Luvrs is a triumphant debut album, self-assured and as devastatingly powerful as it is eery and disarming. Lttle Phnx wields nostalgia like a craft-knife scoring lovers' names in the casing of a Macbook, forever immortalised in plastic. D'Esprit Luvrs is the brutal confession of love, synth-pop manifest of luvrs angst. Melancholic-pop for the desperate-romantic, dance music for the introspective love-lost-&-stoned, a curious post-it note stuck to your lcd reminding you that your heart still Beats."


released April 16, 2013

All tracks by Lttle Phnx

Lucy Beeler



LTTLE PHNX Wellington, New Zealand

Lttle Phnx is Lucy Beeler, synth-siren and dancer. Her music is lo-fi high-string dream pop and love-laced melodies stirred with sonic heartbeats. A residual murmur that leaves you lying softly in her lap(top).

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